Project Description


PEQ has been a well-known name in the fruit and vegetable sector for many years. With the aim of packaging products quickly and perfectly, the company has experienced good growth in recent years. What is the key to success? A permanent group of employees, supplemented by seasonal workers during the high seasons, who are perfectly coordinated and respond to each other. The main products that PEQ packages are peppers and tomatoes. In addition, this is supplemented with various seasonal AGF products from different countries.

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“In good seasons we can save up to 15 percent on our cost price”

Marc Vriesen • PEQ Perfect & Quick Packaging

We believe in a CHANGE

In close consultation with PEQ is characterized by a solution for the following points:

  • Make the weighing process easier

  • Insight into actions of workers

  • Saving costs on packaging the products

  • Quick support by errors

Save Costs

In good seasons, when there is enough supply of product, PEQ can save up to 15 percent on our cost price.

Better Control

The solutions gave an improved insight into the productivity of the workers.


By following the LED bar, workers know immediately which action should be carried out.

Weigh Faster

Workers indicate that they can weigh much faster and more accurate by switching to the DTS-V.


Through the years, LRE has proven itself as an important partner. ” The company has a lot of knowledge and needs of its customers. “For the DTS-IV, PEQ weighed with LRE’s standalone scales, which replaced its current line with a higher demand for product and an increase in staff to PEQ, and the new production line had to give PEQ an improved insight into the productivity of its employees.

PEQ wanted to be able to save efficiency by reducing costs on products PEQ is giving into producturing for the roads of tomatoes A weighing scale that is