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 The only indicator with an exact 1 LED = 1 product indication.

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The smart indicator is a smart weighing solution and characterized by its unique LED bar. The smart indicator is freely programmable for each type of product. The worker will be informed exactly how much and what kind of product need to be added or removed to get the correct weight.

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Why choosing a Smart Indicator?

An easy way to optimize worker performances and reduce give-away.
DTS-v at the production line


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Productivity Module

The smart LED bar is freely programmable for each type of product. The worker will be informed exactly how much and what kind of product (Light, Medium or Heavy) need to be added of need to be removed from the package to reach the correct weight. 

Performance Module

Effectively optimize the performance of each worker? A colored smiley will be displayed (realtime) to show the worker if he meets a preset performance p/m. The smiley will be adjusted periodically on the bases of an average number of packages per hour.

Auto Control

Easily save on give-away per package? Does an worker meets the fixed standardization per hour? Then the software will automatically adjust the upper limits downwards leaving you give-away reduced.

Software Registration

The DTS-V is supported by our smart software. The software records every action. In addition, the software can be expanded with various packages for improved access such as: Average weighing (E-Mark), Waste Management and SQL import / export.

There is a suitable solution for everyone.

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DTS-V Modulair and Ergonomic

Modulair & Ergonomic

The unique setup makes it is easier to have various attachments on the right or left side of the table. Which makes it possible to use at different types of production lines.

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DTS-V Mobile and Bulk

Mobile & Bulk

The scale can be equipped with various dimensions of trays for weighing small packages to large crates. In addition, the scale is suitable as a waste scale in combination with the unique waste module.

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DTS-V Tabletop and Built-in

Tabletop & Built-in

Due to the diversity in which the scale can be used, this model has been one of our best-selling scales for years. It can be used as a built-in or stand-alone scale. 

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