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Smart Take Away Solution

Simple smart and efficient product portioning.

Smart solution to portion products accurate and fast
  • Allows to portion optimal units of products.
  • Portion quickly and accurately to the gram.

  • Smart weighing technology.

  • Reduces the give-away to a minimum.

  • Significant increase of the accuracy.

  • Possible to achieve a halving of the packing times.

  • Ethernet & Wi-Fi communication.

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Built-in weighing solution

Easy to built-in a production line.

Smart scale which easily can be built-in a production line.
  • A unique & flexible design.

  • Smart weighing technology.

  • Usable as built-in or stand-alone scale.

  • Various sizes of platforms.

  • Wi-fi or ethernet connection.
  • Worldwide installations.

  • Best selling smart scale for years.

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