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Lans Tomaten is part of Prominent and located in’s-Gravenzande. With the objective to minimize the energy consumption during growing, are all greenhouses equipped with energy-saving screen installations. When it is cold there is a possibility to close all screens. The tomatoes of Lans are 40 grams cocktail tomatoes and packaged in 3 kilograms after that the tomatoes are marketed via Cooperative DOOR U.A. 

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 “ With the DTS-V weighing solution I have reduced my give away from
5 to 0% per pack “ 

Ariën van der Lans • Lans Tomaten

We believe in a CHANGE

In close consultation with Lans Tomaten is characterized by a solution for the following points:

  • Control Give-Away

  • Insight into actions of workers

  • Minimum and maximum weight on display

  • Increase the profitability

Shorter Work-in Period

After a short instruction about the LED Bar the worker can start.

Reduced Give-Away

The DTS-V solution reduced the Give-Away from 5 back to 0% per package.


By following the LED bar, workers know immediately which action should be carried Out.

Better Performance

The workers work a lot better and accurate because they know they are checked continuously.


After a few samples, it became clear for grower Ariën van der Lans. The give-away was too high. In busy periods there may be up to 35 students besides the permanent staff working in the company. The old scales showed no minimum and maximum weight in the screen. This soon lead to confusion among employees. 

When the line manager communicated which weight the employees had to weigh, some employees would not take that seriously. So after some checks the grower discovered that in some packages were up too 3 to 5 percent give-away. “In our company, we grow 40 grams tomatoes. After a few samples I found that most packages were over by whole tomato. There are approximately 200 packs on a pallet. So per pallet we gave 200 tomatoes in away as give-away. Of course this high percentage of give-away keeps the companies profit margin needlessly down.” 


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The simplicity of the DTS-V and the LED bar that indicates the amount of tomatoes to be added or subtracted persuaded grower Ariën van der Lans to choose for the weighing solution of LRE Innovative Weighing Solutions. 

“It’s a lot easier for an inexperienced employee, such as a student. I only need to instruct the employee to follow the indication on the LED bar. 

They can immediately start weighing after the instruction. Before the DTS-V this part took considerably longer before an employee worked well with the scales.” Also the give-away has been directly reduced. Because of the indication on the LED bar. “With the DTS-V smart weighing solution of LRE I regain control and management on my product and labour. I see this part not only back in my business figures. 

I also feel that the employees work better because they know they are checked continuously. This resulted that give away is minimised and not a concern anymore. Because of these savings the return on investment has been a very short period and no longer a concern. “ 

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