Core System Solution 

Smart software solution to control each package

Live insight into labor and product with the core module.
The module helps you to regain control on every part of the packaging process. Insights in individual or total packing speed, give-away and average speed per minute? Our core system helps you incredibly easy.

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Core system software solution to register and control each package.
Smart software solution to weigh on an average weight.

E-Mark Solution 

Smart software solution to weigh on an average weight

Over-filling by operators can easily decrease your company profits.In practice we see at companies without software that give-away can unnoticed increase to 5% per package. Our E-Mark module helps you directly to reduce give-away back to zero by weighing on an average weight.

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Waste Management Solution 

Smart software solution to register your waste production

The waste module is designed for real-time tracking of waste materials, giving a total breakdown of waste product throughout your site. Many of our customers have been able to reduce their untraceable waste levels, with a payback of just a few months.

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