Project Description


As a dynamic tomato grower Den Berk carries concepts such as: innovation, sustainability and quality. In addition to a private cultivation of tomatoes Den Berk has its own packing facility. The company is constantly working to innovate their production process.
Den Berk is one of the first pioneers in the horticultural world with a sustainable investment in antireflection and diffuse glass.

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” Since we have switched to the DTS-V and Software we have increased our production with 25% with the same number of staff.

Stijn Matthé • Den Berk Délice

We believe in a CHANGE

In close consultation with Den Berk is characterized by a solution for the following points:

  • Help seasonal workers with counting

  • Insight into actions of workers

  • Quickly well-trained workers

  • Removing language barriers with instructions on the scale

Shorter Work-in Period

A shorter work-in period from 2 weeks to just 5 days.

Production Increase

The production has increased with 25% with the same number of staff.


By following the LED bar, workers know immediately which action should be carried out.

Weigh Faster

Workers indicate that they can weigh much faster and more accurate by switching to the DTS-V.


In addition to the staff with permanent contracts Den Berk is working with a lot of seasonal workers with different origins. These workers may work a maximum number of days in the horticulture sector. In Belgium this is imposed by the Government. Because of this legislation and the peak periods in the sector Den Berk is working with a lot of different employees, who every time need to be trained again.

Den Berk works with many different types of tomatoes. Each type of tomato varies in size and weight. In practice, Den Berk has the experience that it is difficult for a lot of foreign employees to count to the right weight and to switch between the different types of tomatoes.

Before the DTS-V Den Berk worked with scales without software and LED bar. To note incorrect weighings the line manager had to notice it by himself. Besides that it took Den Berk at least 2 weeks to educate a foreign employee to a quick and accurate level of weighing.