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Checkweigher solution to control each package on weight and quality.

Checkweigher Solution

Dynamic end of the line check.

The checkweigher solution is characterized by innovation, speed and accuracy.
The biggest advantage of this checkweigher is the process simplification, as weight checking and metal detection have been combined in one device. This makes this solution extremely reliable and rubust to weigh various products for in example the food industries.

  • IP30 Protection Class.

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Checkweigher I solution for total control on your production.

Checkweigher Solution

Dynamic end of the line check.

The checkweigher ensures the quality of your production. The checkweigher will offer you the best hygiene standards: IP67 and IP69. The modular design makes this solution flexible and can widely used. All the models in this serie are available with a high quality metal detector.

  • Best hygiene standards: IP67 and IP69.

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Our Happy Customers

Logo Looye Kwekers

“ Through smart weighing and registration we have reduced the percentage of give-away by 1,5 percent on our most important product.”

Michael van den Bos - Looye Kwekers

“ Since we have switched to the  DTS-V and datamanager we have increased our production with 25 % with the same number of staff ”

Stijn Matthe - Den Berk

“ By the use of the DTS-V and software, I regained control on my production and quality ”

Jan van Genderen - Royal Berry

“ With the DTS-V weighing solution I have reduced my give away from 5 to 0% per pack “

Ariën van der Lans, Lans Tomaten
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Checkweigher solutions to get a 100% control
on product and quality.

The checkweighers in this category are unique and one of a kind. LRE offers two different checkweighers for a dynamic end of the line check. By using a checkweigher you will have a 100% weight quality control on each package.

Both checkweighers are characterized by innovation, speed and accuracy and could be extended with a high quality metal detector. This makes the checkweighers extremely suitable to control various products for example the food industries. The difference between the checkweighers LRE offers is the IP protection class. The innovative checkweigher solution has a IP30 class.
This solution matches HACCP and GMP compliant and provide a high level of hygienic safety.

Checkweighers for a dynamic end of the line check.

The other checkweighing solution which is especially designed the best hygiene standards: IP67 and IP69. It is easy to clean with water pressure due to flat design and open frame structure. Because of the high hygienic standards and dust protection is this checkweigher the best solution with a eye on a high level of food safety! Complete control on labor and product? Combine the checkweigher solutions in this category with our unique software modules as E-Mark software to reduce give-away fast and easily by weighing on an average weight.

LRE Solutions helps customers worldwide to get insight in labor and product by smart weighing and registration. With over 100+ installations in various industries we help our customers to get total control and reduce give-away back to zero by smart weighing and registration.

We make YOU more profitable!

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