Project Description

Information about Looye Kwekers

Looye Kwekers has founded in 1946 and has been a leader in the tomato industry for years. The showpieces are the Honingtomaten® and JOYN® tomatoes, which are packaged in their own packaging facility in small and large packages. In addition, packaging is also provided for various retail channels. The company is committed to taste and product quality. Nevertheless, production efficiency is becoming increasingly important, doing more with less, without losing sight of the human aspect. That is the power of Looye!

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” Through smart weighing and registration we have reduced the percentage of give-away by 1,5 percent on our most important product. “

Michael van den Bos • Looye Kwekers

We believe in a CHANGE

In close consultation with Looye Kwekers is characterized by a solution for the following points:

  • A robust weighing solution.

  • Wireless communication with software.

  • Total insight into labor and product.

  • Doing more with less, without losing sight of the human aspect.

Robust weighing

Continued development of smart technology has resulted in a robust and “foolproof” weighing solution.

Savings on

An estimated saving on labor of around 5% through smart weighing.

Return of Investment

Expatiation to return the total investment within 1 year.

Reduction of

Reduction of 1.5% give-away on the most important product.

A Project of 120 smart scales

The collaboration between LRE and Looye started at the beginning of 2018. The company was looking for a new partner to replace the scales. LRE and Looye came into contact with each other through a joint partner. The use of smart weighing and registration had not gone unnoticed. The company was already aware of the benefits of smart weighing and registration. In close collaboration with the overall wishes and needs, close cooperation was sought to replace all the scales and software in total.

The scales and software have been implemented in seperate phases. In total there are 120 smart scales installed across 8 production lines and 1 sorting line, all communicating wirelessly with the software. The software can be used to send products to the scales. The software offers a live overview of every operation performed on the DTS-V scale. In addition, there are various reporting options that offer ins