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For several years, Jan van Genderen is proud owner of Royal Berry. Where does that passion come from? “Growing strawberries is really in the family. My father cultivated strawberries as a hobby. So I grew up between the strawberries. I found it very interesting from an early age, that I already knew from primary school that I wanted to grow strawberries. “That breeding is really in the blood proves itself in practice. Royal Berry has experienced good growth in recent years.

Production line Royal Berry

Packaging an OWN product

The simplicity of the DTS-V and the intuitive LED bar attracted attention in 2015 when Jan van Genderen decided to invest in a completely new production line. More control and management over labor and product was central to the purchase of the new scales. Until the purchase of the DTS-V, Royal Berry was weighed on normal scales. Sample-wise, packaging was checked for quality and weight. However, after a few random checks, the grower concluded that the staff did not fill every package with the same precision.

“The strawberries we package are their own product. It is therefore very important to get as much out of our products as possible, without giving too much excess weight. In addition, it is important to be able to fill as many packaging as possible with our production, so that we can deliver the maximum number of products to our end customers. “For Jan van Genderen it was a painful conclusion that up to a few grams was too much filled by some employees.

The combination
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Together with Jan van Genderen, we searched for a suitable solution to restore the quality of its production. Due to the piece indication on the LED bar of the DTS-V it is possible to weigh very accurately, whereby no strawberry can be filled too much. To guarantee extra control and management of every weighing, the horticulturist now uses a linked data manager. “Through the use of a data manager I have immediate insight into what is weighed up on each scale. I did not have this opportunity with my old production line. Especially the fact that I have insight in the weighing speed per employee is a nice addition.

This way I know immediately whether I have the right employees on the line and I can intervene at an early stage in the case of inaccurate weighings. “The interpretation that LRE Weegtechniek has given to the wishes and needs of Jan van Genderen has made the grower very satisfied customer. “Thanks to the use of the DTS-V and data manager, I have control over my production and quality.”

OPENING a new location

The good experiences with the DTS-V series convinced Royal Berry to choose again in 2017 weighing and software solution LRE Weegtechniek. With the additional production line, Royal Berry responds to the growth that the company has undergone.

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