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 The perfect solution with an eye on available floorspace.

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The compact and ergonomic weighing table is a smart weighing solution and specially designed with a view on available floorspace at the production area. The worktop is very effectively arranged so that the space is used optimally with an eye on detail and accuracy.

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Simply Register Waste

Worker and product based registration.

The worktop has a waste hole where waste can be inserted.
The waste is collected in a crate, which can be weighed during the production.

Register your waste production

High Quality Design

Complete Stainless Steel.

The DTS-V table scale is specially designed with an eye for detail. The table is easy to clean.
This makes the DTS-V table scale extremely suitable for your production environment.

High Quality Design

LED Bar Module

Gain Speed and reduce Give-Away.

he bottom of the LED bar contains a PLUS number  which informs the worker exactly how much pieces need to be added from 6 to 1 to get the correct package weight.
The topside of the LED bar contains a MINUS number. This informs the worker the amount of product to take off of the package to get the correct weight.
The LED bar is freely programmable by our software for each type of product.
By using the LED bar overfilling by workers is avoid directly from the first weighing which saves you costs and product on the same time.

DTS-V LED bar module by LRE Solutions


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Productivity Module

Optimize the performance of each worker.

A colored smiley will be displayed (real time) to show te worker if he meets the preset packing rate per minute.
The smiley will be adjusted periodically on the based on the workers performance.

DTS-V indicator overview

Various Setups

Suitable for any manufacturing or packaging process.

The DTS-V in available in different setups. Do you want a place for bulk product? Or do you place the product on the worktop?
Let our product specialists advice you.

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Easy connection with Software

Complete control on labor and product? Combine the DTS-V with our unique software modules and register: individual and totalyzed packing speed, give-away, waste, yield, worker/product and line performance.

Tomorrow’s Technology,
  • Live overview over the production.

  • Control on workers.

  • Registration of waste.

  • Second screen connection.

  • Increases your profitability.

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Our Happy Customers

“ Since we have switched to the  DTS-V and datamanager we have increased our production with 25 % with the same number of staff ”

Stijn Matthe - Den Berk

“ By the use of the DTS-V and software, I regained control on my production and quality ”

Jan van Genderen - Royal Berry

“ With the DTS-V weighing solution I have reduced my give away from 5 to 0% per pack “

Ariën van der Lans, Lans Tomaten
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There is a suitable solution for everyone.

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Tabletop & Built-in

Due to the diversity in which the scale can be used, this model has been one of our best-selling scales for years. It can be used as a built-in or stand-alone scale. 

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DTS-V Mobile and Bulk

Mobile & Bulk

The scale can be equipped with various dimensions of trays for weighing small packages to large crates. In addition, the scale is suitable as a waste scale in combination with the unique waste module.

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DTS-V Modulair and Ergonomic

Modulair & Ergonomic

The DTS-V weighing table is characterized by its modular design. The unique setup makes it is easier to have various attachments on the right or left side of the table. 

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